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There are many poor and helpless people in our locality and their conditions are very difficult. Many of them are unable to marriage their daughters. We have helped them by financial assistance.

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We have distributed the foods among the destitute families and also distributed woolen wrapper and clothes to old aged.

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We are helping by distribution of books to the poor students. It means to encourage to poor and meritorious student to take education which is the Backbone of Nation.

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Camp On Health

Health is wealth. So if the health is not running well this wealth cannot be utilized properly. Sound health can help to develop a healthy society.

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Microfinance & SHGS

Microfinance is a financial service of small quantity provided by financial institutions to the poor. URUS is working for the upliftment of the local people in its operational area both financially as well as economically.

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Consumer Awareness

URUS is working in those areas where poverty level is very high as well as the literacy level is also very low in those areas. Basically the purchasing power is very poor of those people.

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Awareness Camp On Environment

UURUS is working in those areas where Workshops and training camps are often organised for the community people. Anti-noise pollution campaign and observation of World Environment Day are some of the regular events conducted by the Organisation.

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Disaster Management

URUS is working in those areas where poverty level is very high as well as the literacy level is also very low in those areas. Basically the livelihood capacity is very poor of those people.

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Training Programme

Training is essential to increase ability, efficiency of the workers in order to sublimate the standard or works.

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Utsarga Rural and Urban Society established by a group of active, energetic, enthusiastic local youth was originally a centre for recreation through cultural and sports activities. In the leadership of the organization decided to do something beneficial works for the poor and disadvantage people living in the area. The organization has diversified its activities in different facts of rural living.

Registered under the Societies Registration Act 1961 Utsarga Rural and Urban society (URUS) was set up in 2009 for the empowerment of marginalized people. The organization was set up by some common minded people whose aim were to serve the poor people in the rural as well as in the urban area. It was formed by a number of people of different background like ex-engineer, businessman, service holder as well as house wife also. Initially it was a charity based organization and used to help the rural people and the neighboring community in cash or kind during the time of need. But after certain time through the help of the secretary of the organization Mr. Kalyan Kumar Das and the help of the other members also the organization get registration in 2009. URUS is open secular, nonpolitical, nonprofit able and non family based organization engaged in the upliftment for the downtrodden people in Birbhum district. Presently the organization is working in three blocks of the Birbhum, Burdwan, Bankura and 24 Pgs (N) District. At the initial stage it was run by the donation of the members as well as the fund given by the local well established people. Presently it is getting fund from NABARD, Consumers affairs department, Rotary Club also, Health sector and health related activities.



Organization Structure

Utsarga Rural and Urban Society is open secular, non political, non profitable and non family bases engaged in rural upliftment organization for the downtrodden people under the district of Birbhum. It works also with the guidance and co-operation of adjacent Gram Panchayet.

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